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Per multiple reports, Xue Feng, a Chinese born US citizen, was released from Beijing Number 2 Prison recently. Xue was originally detained in November 2007 for “stealing state secrets.” The charge stemmed from allegations that Xue had relayed sensitive information regarding the Chinese oil industry to foreigners while on a business trip.

Laogai Research Foundation board member Ann Noonan writes on Radio World about the necessity  and importance of radio broadcasting to countries where the Internet is censored and where many cannot afford cell phones.

“A Muslim was jailed for six years in China for refusing to shave off his beard, while his wife was imprisoned for two years for wearing a burqa.” This alarming report indicates an intensifying crackdown on traditional Uyghur customs in Xinjiang.

The International Campaign for Tibet held a reception in Russell Senate Office Building to honor Mr. Lodi Gyari, who retired as Executive Chairman of our Board, in December 2014. Laogai Research Foundation Executive Director Harry Wu attended the events.

A group of students from University of Maryland’s Alternative Breaks program visited the Laogai Museum on March 16, 2015. The students received a guided tour of the artifacts on display in the museum from Laogai Research Foundation Executive Director Harry Wu. Mr. Wu also discussed with the students about his experiences in China’s laogai system.

Laogai Research Foundation Executive Director Harry Wu joined thousands of Tibetans  and Tibet supporters from across Europe gathering in Paris for a major rally on March 14, 2015, to express solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet.

The Tibetan Communities and Tibet Support Groups in Europe organized the rally with the main slogan Europe Stands with Tibet.

China's chief justice Zhou Qiang promised earlier this week to "stop wrongful convictions and weed out corrupt judges." However, several questions stand in the way of this noble endeavor. First, can Beijing even control local authorities in their dubious crackdown efforts in a campaign that has seemingly devolved to localities? Second, is this statement simply a hollow propaganda stunt?

Politburo member Zhang Chunxian reported Tuesday that multiple ISIS fighters have been arrested in Xinjiang. Aside from mentioning the arrests, Zhang's report is quite opaque; the date of the arrests, the number of arrests, the names of the arrested, and the crimes the arrested are alleged to have committed was not reported. 

Xi Jinping’s stance on NGOs becomes murkier everyday. Whereas human rights groups have noted that the Party’s suppression of NGOs has been consistent over the last year, evidence has recently surfaced to the contrary.

After arresting 81-year-old dissident writer Tie Liu and his caregiver in mid-September, Chinese authorities today sentenced Tie to two-and-a-half years in prison on charges of “illegal business activity.” In addition to the prison sentence, Tie was fined 30,000 yuan.