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A group of students from University of Maryland’s Alternative Breaks program visited the Laogai Museum on March 16, 2015. The students received a guided tour of the artifacts on display in the museum from Laogai Research Foundation Executive Director Harry Wu. Mr. Wu also discussed with the students about his experiences in China’s laogai system. The Laogai Museum features exhibits, archived...Read more
Laogai Research Foundation Executive Director Harry Wu joined thousands of Tibetans and Tibet supporters from across Europe gathering in Paris for a major rally on March 14, 2015, to express solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet. The Tibetan Communities and Tibet Support Groups in Europe organized the rally with the main slogan Europe Stands with Tibet. Dr. Lobsang Sangay, the Tibetan political...Read more
China's chief justice Zhou Qiang promised earlier this week to "stop wrongful convictions and weed out corrupt judges." However, several questions stand in the way of this noble endeavor. First, can Beijing even control local authorities in their dubious crackdown efforts in a campaign that has seemingly devolved to localities? Second, is this statement simply a hollow propaganda stunt? Will...Read more
Politburo member Zhang Chunxian reported Tuesday that multiple ISIS fighters have been arrested in Xinjiang. Aside from mentioning the arrests, Zhang's report is quite opaque; the date of the arrests, the number of arrests, the names of the arrested, and the crimes the arrested are alleged to have committed was not reported. Although Beijing has a right to be worried of terrorism in Xinjiang in...Read more
Xi Jinping’s stance on NGOs becomes murkier everyday. Whereas human rights groups have noted that the Party’s suppression of NGOs has been consistent over the last year, evidence has recently surfaced to the contrary. Specifically, the New York Times recently noted that new regulations in Guangzhou “have intensified scrutiny of nonprofit organizations that receive foreign donations, and the...Read more
After arresting 81-year-old dissident writer Tie Liu and his caregiver in mid-September, Chinese authorities today sentenced Tie to two-and-a-half years in prison on charges of “illegal business activity.” In addition to the prison sentence, Tie was fined 30,000 yuan. Tie’s sentence, however, was suspended for four years, allowing him to avoid prison time if he does not break the law in the...Read more
Norwegian police ordered a Chinese doctoral student studying in Norway to leave the country before January 23. According to Norwegian authorities, the expulsion stemmed from fears that the student would use his expertise in wind-power technology "for military purposes in other countries." The expulsion is almost certainly a diplomatic gesture in defiance of China’s incarceration of Nobel laureate...Read more
On January 7, two masked gunmen forced their way into the office of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people. The world largely responded to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack as a sign that free speech should be wholeheartedly defended, even among those whom the newspaper mocked. In China, however, reactions have been different. China's propaganda mouthpiece, Xinhua News...Read more
According to a report by the Committee to Protect Journalists, China currently jails more journalists than any other country in the world. The report states that 44 journalists are currently imprisoned in Chinese jails, up from 32 incarcerated journalists the previous year. CPJ further asserted that China now imprisons more journalists than at any other time since the group began tracking such...Read more
Hada, an ethnic Mongolian activist, was released from detention last month after spending nearly 20 years in custody. Hada was first arrested in 1996 and tried in secret on charges of separatism. The court sentenced him to a 15-year prison sentence followed by 4 years of “deprivation of political rights.” Although deprivation of political rights typically refers to the denial of the right to...Read more