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The Chinese Supreme People’s Court issued a decision Friday requiring Internet service providers and social media platforms to provide the government with users’ personal information. This latest decision is particularly troubling in light of other recently enacted censorship regulations and the ongoing campaign to harass and criminally detain cyber-dissidents and online “rumor-mongers.” Since...Read more
Chinese authorities have detained more than a dozen in Mainland China for voicing support for protesters in Hong Kong. China Human Rights Defenders identified 12 individuals who had been detained by Chinese police, while Amnesty International asserts more than 20 have been detained and as many as 60 summoned for questioning. In an effort to limit public knowledge of the protests, the Chinese...Read more
In a shocking display of injustice, the Chinese Communist Party sentenced Uighur academic Ilham Tohti to life in prison in retaliation for his criticisms of government policies in Xinjiang and efforts to promote mutual understanding between ethnic Uighurs and Han Chinese. Despite the fact that he advocated peaceful dialogue and never promoted Xinjiang independence, Ilham was convicted of...Read more
Chinese police arrested 81-year-old dissident writer Tie Liu and his caregiver after carrying out a raid on his home in Beijing on Sunday morning. During the raid, police reportedly confiscated four computers, an ipad, his cell phone, and volumes of books. Authorities detained Tie for “picking quarrels and starting trouble,” a charge often leveled against political dissidents. His arrest seems to...Read more
Authorities in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province arrested Chen Shuqing , a core member of the China Democracy Party, on charges of “subversion of state power.” Chen’s arrest comes after authorities detained another China Democracy Party member, Lu Gengsong, on the same charges. Chen previously served a four-year sentence for his role in establishing the China Democracy Party. The China Democracy Party...Read more
Yang Maodong, a prominent political activist, is set to stand trial on Friday for disrupting public order, a charge stemming from his participation in a demonstration protesting the Communist Party’s censorship of an editorial published in the Southern Weekend newspaper in January 2013 calling for political reform. The decision to censor the editorial and subsequently detain activists who opposed...Read more
The All China Journalists’ Association, the government agency tasked with regulating professional Chinese journalists, published guidelines this past Saturday ordering Chinese journalists to learn “Marxist news values” and uphold the principles of news as prescribed by the Communist Party. The directive is the latest in a series of central government initiatives aimed at exerting greater control...Read more
Chinese authorities detained Li Xianting and Wang Hongwei , two organizers of the 11th Annual Beijing Independent Film Festival, after the shutting down the event on its opening day – Sunday, August 24. Wang Shu, a colleague of the detained event organizers, told reporters that Li and Wang had been released from custody, though refused to comment further, saying that it was “inconvenient” to...Read more
Five Tibetans are reported dead after police opened fire at protesters in southwestern Sichuan province on Monday. The protests erupted after police detained a respected leader who disagreed with authorities over the harassment of female community members by local officials and the enactment of measures prohibiting local festivals. Over 100 people gathered to demonstrate against the local leader’...Read more
Gao Zhisheng, a prominent lawyer released from prison last week, was reportedly physically and psychologically tortured while in custody. According to his lawyer , Jared Genser, Gao spent his three-year prison sentence isolated in a small cell, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Guards denied him access to any type of connection to the outside world, including reading material...Read more