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We are fulfilling Harry's legacy: To publish the Human Rights Crimes of the People's Republic of China (PRC), namely and especially the LAOGAI Forced Labour camps and the Organ Harvest. - The LAOGAI Research Foundation Washington DC (LRF) seems to have given up the original goals, and spends the donated money elsewhere. They gave up this website, closed the museum, fired all employees including...Read more
The following is an article received by Human Rights Watch, for more information, see the contact information at the end of the article. Drop Charges, End Coerced Confessions and Detentions of Lawyers, Activists (New York, August 3, 2016) – The trials of Beijing Fengrui Law Firm director Zhou Shifeng and activists Hu Shigen, Zhai Yanmin, and Gou Hongguo, which are being held this week at Tianjin...Read more
Tribute to Harry Wu By: Chen Duanzhao Fifty-nine years ago since the “Anti-Rightist Movement,” a commemoration was held in the United States. At that conference in 2007 I met my old friend,my “brother” Wu Hongda (Harry Wu) after an absence of thirty-eight years. It was at that “Anti-Rightise 50 anniversary commemorative event”, we shared our life experiences during our time apart. Looking back, I...Read more
My Time with Harry: A Memorial By: Feng Zhixuan, fellow sufferer When I heard the news about the sudden death of Harry I was very surprised and sad! I was shocked with grief. He was an anti-rightist laojiao friend who, in the 1950s had suffered the same fate as me. Harry was a man from Shanghai. A young man who liked to quietly read in the library of the Beijing Geological Institute. Until a...Read more
Life is fleeting. We know our time is limited on this earth. Time is particularly valuable. As a Buddhist I believe in reincarnation, but life in our present being, our present spirit is ephemeral. While I lost many years to the laogai , some of that time was precious because of the people I met; for eight years, I was privileged to have known Harry Wu. In Chinese, there is a proverb that says,...Read more
Tiger Chair: Tool For Torture By: Laogai Research Foundation Friday, July 22, 2016 Washington, D.C.—Torture methods use various apparatuses from simple rope to complex contraptions. The tiger chair is used to extract information or “crack” the detainee even if that means breaking his or her bones. Police Power and Control Efforts to curb torture in China are always on the table, but talks between...Read more
By LAOGAI Intern On July 9th 2015, China began another crackdown against those that it believed to be fighting against its legal rulings. In rapid fashion, the regime systematically attacked the community of human rights lawyers in China. One after another, prominent human rights lawyers were “disappeared”. This term refers to the abduction of these lawyers and transportation to an unknown...Read more
NEW YORK (April 27, 2016)—Human Rights Foundation (HRF) mourns the passing of Harry Wu, the Chinese author and dissident who survived and exposed the Chinese dictatorship’s “laogai” system of concentration camps. Wu died yesterday at the age of 79, while traveling in Honduras. He was a founding member of HRF’s International Council. Harry Wu speaks at the inaugural Oslo Freedom Forum in May 2009...Read more
The Alexander Hamilton Institute (AHI) on Tuesday June 28 toured the Laogai Museum. The AHI, which is based in New York, selected 20 students from various universities around the United States for a two-week course in Washington, D.C. on national security. Students listen to an introduction at the Laogai Museum. This was the first student tour since the passing of Mr. Wu. At one time, student...Read more
Harry Wu was a political prisoner in China for nineteen years after being labeled as a counter-revolutionary by the government. Originally from Shanghai, he was part of the so-called bourgeoisie class and was a university student in Wuhan before he was unjustly imprisoned, without even a trial. He spent much of his time working in extremely treacherous conditions in a prison mine. His family fell...Read more