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For nearly three decades the Chinese government authorities have continued to attempt to suppress the historical truth of June Fourth. They have ignored the appeals for truth, accountability, and compensation for the killings of unarmed citizens and jailed those who wish to commemorate the victims and press for a just resolution of June Fourth. In this context, it is important that voices bearing...Read more
San Francisco – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi today released the following statement marking the 27th anniversary of the democracy movement uprising and massacre that occurred at Tiananmen Square in Beijing on June 4, 1989: “On June 4, 1989, the Chinese people defied injustice, challenged corruption, and demanded freedom. The Tiananmen Square uprising, fueled by the energy of the Chinese people...Read more
On April 28, 2016, the Democratic Senator from Ohio, Sherrod Brown, addressed Congress remembering Harry Wu. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Ohio. Mr. BROWN. Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent to speak in morning business. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator is recognized. REMEMBERING HARRY WU Mr. BROWN. Mr. President, on Tuesday, the world lost a courageous activist for international...Read more
I had the great honor and privilege of interviewing Harry Wu for my film Death By China. It was a most difficult interview as the pain that Harry suffered over the years made it difficult for him to open up initially. However, as you will see in the three amazing clips in this accompanying video, this is a man of great passion and wisdom. In the first clip - “Shame!” - you will see Harry take to...Read more
Harry Wu, a Chinese dissident who mounted an international campaign to expose the horrors of his country’s laogai labor camps, where he endured 19 years of captivity as an alleged counterrevolutionary, died April 26 while vacationing in Honduras. He was 79. Ann Noonan, a board member of the Laogai Research Foundation, founded by Mr. Wu in 1992, confirmed his death and said she did not know the...Read more
Harry Wu, who was brutalized for 19 years in Communist Chinese prison labor camps and who had ever since then refused to let the world overlook human rights violations in his former homeland, died on Tuesday in Honduras, where he was vacationing. He was 79. His death was confirmed by Ann Noonan, administrator of the Laogai Research Foundation in Washington, which Mr. Wu founded in 1992. Mr. Wu,...Read more
I recently spoke at a memorial at the Library of Congress for my friend Harry Wu, a tremendous champion of human rights who dedicated his life to exposing China’s horrific brand of communist repression. As Beijing’s ever-increasing financial and military power has led many in our nation’s capital to curtail their criticisms and concerns regarding this totalitarian behemoth, we could always count...Read more
On May 25th, 2016, at the US Library of Congress, a Memorial Service was held for Harry Wu, in fact Wu Hongda, a giant among men, the conscience and strength of China, the free spirit of and for Tibet, a dear friend. We are living with the fact of his sudden death for a month now, and it still does not seem real. It is surreal. Harry’s absence is just an impossible thing to comprehend and to live...Read more
The well-known Chinese human rights activist Harry Wu has died at the age of 79 years. He revealed torture and flagrant abuses in China's labor camps. He devoted most of his life to the victims of Chinese governance: Now the dissident and human rights activist Harry Wu has died at the age of 79 years. The dissident Wu had founded in 1992, the Laogai Research Foundation. He tirelessly denounced...Read more
Harry Wu, Champion of Human Rights Dies It is with great sadness that the Laogai Research Foundation announces the passing of its founder, Harry Wu, who died in Honduras this morning at the age of 79. Mr. Wu was vacationing with friends when he passed away. Harry Wu was a Catholic and a well-known presence on Capitol Hill for his defense of people who suffered in China’s brutal Laogai camps. The...Read more