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This week concludes both the Chinese New Year and Tibetan New Year celebrations of Losar. As many New Year celebrations are joyous, for Tibetans they haven't always been. 

Members of Congress are very busy. Depending on his or her state, district, committee associations or overall involvement it can be difficult to organize a sit-down.

Executive Director Harry Wu received a welcomed surprise when Frank Wolf formerly of Virginia’s 10th congressional district and seventeen-term House Representative arrived to the Laogai Museum (劳改纪念馆)

As the new spring semester gets underway after it’s slow start due to poor weather, the Laogai Museum was fortunate conditions improved. Two separate student groups from American University stopped by the museum receiving a personal address and tour by Executive Director Harry Wu.

A few days after the New Year news sources reported on the near completed construction of a 120 foot (37 meter) statue of Mao Zedong (毛泽东). Last week, those same news agencies shockingly reported the demolition of the same structure.

(China Stringer Network)

Fellow journalists, news agencies, and human rights activists had something to be thankful for on November 25, 2015. Gao Yu was released from prison to serve the rest of her sentence, 5 years, under house arrest due to failing health. Whether she will be serving her time at her actual home or at what are called “black jails,” such as a hotel will be determined.

At half past five it was indeed a happy hour in the rapturous room of 2173 in the Rayburn building. Honorable Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was to unveil her Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee portrait, a position she held from 2011 to 2013. In front of an eager crowd of friends, family and supporters, Representative Ros-Lehtinen arrived with an aura of infectious energy.

The Nation’s Capitol added to its honored and assorted memorials by one on Saturday November 7. The Holodomor Memorial is dedicated to the millions of Ukrainians who perished during the 1932-1933 genocidal famines. In Ukrainian, holodomor means, “murder by starvation.”

On Friday November thirteenth, six students from the prestigious Yale University took the time to embark from Connecticut to visit the Laogai Museum and Research Foundation in Washington D.C.