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A few days after the New Year news sources reported on the near completed construction of a 120 foot (37 meter) statue of Mao Zedong (毛泽东). Last week, those same news agencies shockingly reported the demolition of the same structure. With almost the same speed as the Chinese stock plummet, the golden Mao was dissembled. After nearly three months of building, why was the construction crew tasked...Read more
(China Stringer Network) It is not yet the Chinese New Year or Chun Jie (春节), but amongst other excitement, China has rung in the Gregorian New Year with a golden gift. In the eastern province of Henan a 120-foot high (36.6 meter) gold-leafed statue of Mao Zedong was unveiled. The gargantuan effigy has accumulated praise and contempt from Chinese netizens. There is no question Mao is still the...Read more
Fellow journalists, news agencies, and human rights activists had something to be thankful for on November 25, 2015. Gao Yu was released from prison to serve the rest of her sentence, 5 years, under house arrest due to failing health. Whether she will be serving her time at her actual home or at what are called “black jails,” such as a hotel will be determined. Yet, it’s difficult to believe...Read more
At half past five it was indeed a happy hour in the rapturous room of 2173 in the Rayburn building. Honorable Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was to unveil her Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee portrait, a position she held from 2011 to 2013. In front of an eager crowd of friends, family and supporters, Representative Ros-Lehtinen arrived with an aura of infectious energy. As former Speaker of the...Read more
The Nation’s Capitol added to its honored and assorted memorials by one on Saturday November 7. The Holodomor Memorial is dedicated to the millions of Ukrainians who perished during the 1932-1933 genocidal famines. In Ukrainian, holodomor means, “murder by starvation.” U.S. Representative Sander Levin (D-MI) was the keynote speaker at the dedication ceremony who introduced the congressional...Read more
On Friday November thirteenth, six students from the prestigious Yale University took the time to embark from Connecticut to visit the Laogai Museum and Research Foundation in Washington D.C. Their visit included an inspiring speech given by Executive Director and Founder Harry Wu. Mr. Wu illuminated on his privileged childhood, which included carpeting to Cadillac cars, and days as a star...Read more
The Eighth Communist Party of China (CPC) Fifth Plenum Session of the Central Committee has been canceled as of late October rescinding the one-child policy. All Chinese couples will have full liberalization for larger families with the current two-child policy, but public opinion is still apprehensive. Harry Wu at the Radio Free Asia studio gives insight into the new two-child policy in China,...Read more
On October 20th, Mr. Harry Wu joined many others at the Canadian Embassy as the National Endowment for Democracy presented the Twelfth Annual Seymour Lipset Lecture on Democracy in the World. Professor of Political Science at Columbia University, Andrew J. Nathan, presented an engrossing lecture on the “Puzzle of the Chinese Middle Class.” Professor Nathan remarked, like many aspects in Sino-...Read more
The Institute of World Politics began its humble start in 1990 in Washington D.C. with only two employees and a ternary set of $5,000 grants. At present, IWP has matured into an independently accredited graduate school consisting of forty professors, five Master Degree programs, and seventeen Graduate Certificate programs. It’s aspiration, envisioned by President and Founder John Lenczowski, is...Read more
The Laogai Research Foundation and Laogai Memorial Museum was honored to welcome Diane Wolff at the start of October. It was a proud moment for the museum and founder Mr. Harry Wu. We hope the time spent here benefited her research in her current endeavor to reach a more broad audience through her eloquent writing. She has cast a vast net, gleaning various resources in understanding the Chinese...Read more