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The Eighth Communist Party of China (CPC) Fifth Plenum Session of the Central Committee has been canceled as of late October rescinding the one-child policy. All Chinese couples will have full liberalization for larger families with the current two-child policy, but public opinion is still apprehensive. 

On October 20th, Mr. Harry Wu joined many others at the Canadian Embassy as the National Endowment for Democracy presented the Twelfth Annual Seymour Lipset Lecture on Democracy in the World. Professor of Political Science at Columbia University, Andrew J. Nathan, presented an engrossing lecture on the “Puzzle of the Chinese Middle Class.” 

The Laogai Research Foundation and Laogai Memorial Museum was honored to welcome Diane Wolff at the start of October. It was a proud moment for the museum and founder Mr. Harry Wu. We hope the time spent here benefited her research in her current endeavor to reach a more broad audience through her eloquent writing.

An infographic comparing a familiar technique used to quell peaceful protests.

Yang Fengshi's recent video for East Meets West pays tribute to the sacrifices and contributions of China's World War II veterans, especially Nationalist contributions that have historically been lessened by the Chinese Communist Party in order to legitimize its own claims to national unity. Watch the video here.

An infographic challenging the CCP's historical erasure of Nationalist participation in World War II.

An infographic examining the whereabouts of the detained lawyers and the implications of their prolonged criminal detention without charges.