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The Laogai Research Foundation and Laogai Memorial Museum was honored to welcome Diane Wolff at the start of October. It was a proud moment for the museum and founder Mr. Harry Wu. We hope the time spent here benefited her research in her current endeavor to reach a more broad audience through her eloquent writing. She has cast a vast net, gleaning various resources in understanding the Chinese...Read more
LRF’s Executive Director and founder Mr. Harry Wu treated each assembly with an informative speech detailing his experience in the laogai camps and current state of China’s prison system. The intrigued students astutely asked questions and were then given a tour of the museum’s exhibits. The tour included, but was not limited to: a mock prison, solitary confinement cage, authentic clothing from...Read more
An infographic comparing a familiar technique used to quell peaceful protests.Read more
Yang Fengshi's recent video for East Meets West pays tribute to the sacrifices and contributions of China's World War II veterans, especially Nationalist contributions that have historically been lessened by the Chinese Communist Party in order to legitimize its own claims to national unity. Watch the video here. Laogai Research Foundation translates the Chinese text of the video as follows:...Read more
An infographic challenging the CCP's historical erasure of Nationalist participation in World War II.Read more
An infographic examining the whereabouts of the detained lawyers and the implications of their prolonged criminal detention without charges.Read more
An infographic examining the implications of the recent draft of the 9th Amendments to the Criminal Law, which will drastically limit freedom of speech, tighten censorship, and increase minority suppression.Read more
An infographic comparing the promises of the Olympic Charter with the reality of Olympics in Beijing.Read more
According to her lawyer , Gao Yu, an imprisoned Chinese journalist serving a seven-year sentence in a Beijing detention center, has been diagnosed with heart problems, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. Doctors also found abnormal lymph nodes in her neck last month. After hearing the results of her health exams, Gao reportedly told her lawyer that she fears dying in prison. Gao was...Read more
Despite warnings from human rights groups, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) chose Beijing this morning for its 2022 winter games. In an almost laughable quote, IOC President Thomas Bach attempted to defer criticism by stating, "We know China will deliver on its promises." Since when has China ever delivered on its promises to respect human rights? In 2001 the IOC was duped into awarding...Read more