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Lawyer Charged With Inciting Subversion of the State as Crackdown Continues

Chinese authorities charged lawyer Tang Jingling with “inciting subversion of the state.” Tang has represented villagers fighting local corruption and land expropriation. He also founded a nonviolent civil disobedience organization in 2006. Following his detention last month, Tang was initially charged with “picking quarrels and provoking trouble.” Charging Tang with the more serious charge of “inciting subversion of the state” indicates that authorities intend to issue a lengthy prison term.

China Jails Anti-Corruption Activists As Part Of A Continuing Campaign To Stifle Criticism

On June 19th BBC News reported that the Chinese government has jailed three anti-corruption activists. Wei Zhongping and Liu Ping who are associated with the Chinese New Citizens Movement, were both given six-and-a-half year jail sentences while the third activist, Li Sihua received a shorter sentence. According to the article, police detained the three activists after they took photographs with banners urging officials to disclose their assets.

25 Years Later The Bloody Legacy of the Tiananmen Square Massacre Continues to Inform China’s Policy of Political Repression

On Tuesday the Wall Street Journal published the story of Zhang Kun, an idealistic 26-year-old whose chance discovery of some Tiananmen Square Massacre footage led him to question his assumptions about his government and eventually brought him into the Chinese reform movement. Mr. Zhang became involved with the New Citizens Movement, an initiative aimed at facilitating China’s transition to a civil society. The organization was launched in 2010 by Xu Zhiyong, a civil liberties lawyer, and supported by venture capitalist Wang Gonguan. Shortly after the movement’s leaders were detained Mr.

Beijing Court Sentences Four Activists Associated With the New Citizens Movement

A court in Beijing sentenced four activists on charges of “gathering a crowd to disturb public order” on account of their participation in the New Citizens Movement, a loose collection of activists and lawyers who seek to promote the rule of law and have called on government officials to publicly disclose their assets.

Xu Zhiyong Sentenced to Four Years

The Beijing Intermediate People’s Court sentenced lawyer and civil society activist Xu Zhiyong to four years in prison for “gathering a crowd to disrupt public order.” The charges leveled against Xu stem from the pivotal role he played in organizing the New Citizens Movement, a loose collection of activists that has sought to develop Chinese civil society and urged Communist Party officials to publicly disclose their wealth.