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Locked up in a Chinese prison where he was forced to perform arduous labor, Tohnain Emmanuel Njong enclosed a note pleading for help in a shopping bag he had produced that was marked for export to an English speaking country.

Please join the Laogai Museum in honoring the victims of the Tiananmen Square Massacre on the 25th anniversary of the slaughter. From May 31-June 4, we will feature photos of the protests and screen the PBS Frontline documentary The Tank Man from 4-6:30 pm at 1734 20th Street NW Washington, DC 20008.

A group of petitioners who had been held in an illegal “black jail” filed suit, presumably under the Administrative Litigation Law, against the government officials who kidnapped them in Beijing.

A court in Beijing sentenced four activists on charges of “gathering a crowd to disturb public order” on account of their participation in the New Citizens Movement

Popular Chinese-American venture capitalist and blogger Charles Xue was released on bail after spending nearly eight months under detention for allegedly spreading rumors online.

China’s National Security Commission, the establishment of which was announced at the Third Plenum in November, met for the first time on Tuesday.

As expected, on Friday a Beijing court upheld the conviction of civil rights activist Xu Zhiyong, a prominent lawyer and activist associated with the

Demonstrating resolve to continue championing civil rights and strengthening Chinese civil society, the New Citizens Movement recently created a website in the midst of an ongoing crackdown against its participants.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Stan Lubman argues that the lack of an independent, impartial legal system with exclusive authority to handle criminal corruption cases fundamentally undermines Chinese President Xi Jinping's