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Chinese Entrepreneurs Push for Change

In an article on Yahoo Finance, journalist Gillian Wong reports on the growing number of Chinese entrepreneurs who openly criticize Communist Party authoritarianism and abuses of power. One woman profiled in the article, Wang Ying, resigned from her position as head of a private equity fund to become a leader in the nascent movement. Describing her motivation for giving up her lucrative career for activism, Wang asserted, "I must say no. And this 'no,' I will say very loudly."

China's top court urges judicial independence, end to interference

On Tuesday, the Chinese Supreme People’s Court published a white paper urging the Communist Party to implement reforms allowing for greater judicial independence. China’s highest court released the statement in anticipation of the upcoming third plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, which will be held in November. Central government officials are expected to enact reforms at the November legislative session.