Microsoft Bing Censors Chinese Language Searches in the US

A recent study suggests that Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, censors Chinese language search requests in accordance with Communist Party directives. Tests run by Greatfire.org, an organization that monitors Internet censorship in China, show that Chinese language searches on sensitive topics return heavily sanitized search results on Bing. The same searches on Google, however, return a more ideologically diverse selection of search results.

Activists, Petitioners, and Journalists Harassed and Detained at Trial of Xu Zhiyong

The Chinese government dispatched ten busloads of police to harass and detain activists, petitioners, and journalists who gathered outside of Beijing’s Number One Intermediate People’s Court during the trial of Xu Zhiyong, a prominent lawyer and activist. Chen Yunfei, a Sichuan-based activist who was detained by police for gathering outside the court, claimed that several hundred police and plainclothes state security officials lined the streets of the intersection outside of the court.

"Cultural Threats" to be a Focus of Newly Created National Security Committee

Providing a glimpse into the anticipated role of China’s national security committee, the creation of which was announced at the Third Plenum last November, a senior colonel stressed the need for the high-level agency to focus on “five unconventional security threats,” which includes ideological struggle against Western nations. The colonel placed particular emphasis on the need to address threats posed by the Internet. Such statements indicate that the Party seeks to enhance censorship controls in an effort to maintain political stability.

All Bloomberg Journalists Receive Press Credentials, Some NYT Journalists Still in Limbo

The Chinese government renewed press accreditations for all Bloomberg journalists and some New York Times journalists who had been awaiting renewal. Chinese authorities, who normally renew press credentials and resident permits for foreign journalists in November or December, delayed renewal this year in apparent retaliation for the two American news outlets publishing stories on the wealth of senior Communist Party officials.