The global marketing of products from the LAOGAI system


Forced labor is a scourge on humanity. The People's Republic of China (PRC) has perfected it, and operates under the name LAOGAI the largest storage system in the history of mankind.

The LAOGAI system performs several functions. It is the main instrument of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to assert their power and suppressing any resistance. It also promotes the export prices extremely low and simultaneously fills the coffers of the CCP, which pocketed all surpluses LAOGAI production, not about the state of China.

Germany also benefited significantly. The low import prices increase our standard of living and make governance easier.

LAOGAI means reform through labor and springs from the Chinese usefulness. Hitler was hateful enough, his opponent equal to kill rather than have them work for you. The Soviets sent their enemies to Siberia for 25 years and said, "If they survive that, they're already done." Not so the Chinese: Each opponent is imprisoned, but can and must work and during this time to be a useful member of the Communist society "reshaped". This takes place in a huge, scattered all over the country system of about 1,000 prison camps, the largest and most brutal forced labor camp system in the history of mankind.

Each stock is economically independent, must themselves maintain and bring the party gain. This exacerbates the storage conditions for the keepers want to live. Hallowed Chinese corruption.

The LAOGAI Museum in Washington shows the cruelty of the system and its products: toys, plagiarism, saws, boots, fairy lights for Christmas decorations in Germany.

The German plagiarism Museum in Solingen shows in some departments the same products, such as children's toys. Please remember the poison colors on China-made toys a few years ago.

At least 60% of China Teas comes from labor camps, almost all tomato exports from East Turkestan harvested from Uighur prisoners, the poorest of the poor.

The LAOGAI Research Foundation Europe calls for years, a European law against importing goods from slave labor and closest cooperation with the U.S., which has such a law since 1936. But the sympathetic MPs fail us again and again to the Commission, which was besieged by the business lobby or should I say is dominated. Which provides better police cars in the people's dictatorship China.

The product range of LAOGAI storage is versatile. Originally there were only simple goods, because in LAOGAI are few trained skilled workers and the inmates every 3 - 4 years to be laid, so that water does not rebel cells can. You can now find almost everywhere but LAOGAI made goods. It is enough already, if any part of the product comes from the LAOGAI. Here you have an example of a paper clip assembled in LAOGAI. Please also refer to our comparisons of Chinese and Western companies directory.

In LAOGAI depending on political conditions estimated three to seven million people are afflicted with forced labor, 360 days a year, seven days a week, up to 16 hours a day, followed by 2 hours of political indoctrination. Torture and violence, Kameradenschinderei, water, poor nutrition, lack of medical care or not. Sleep deprivation, solitary confinement, nominal increase are commonplace.

LAOGAI detainees have no protection do harmful work, such as in tanning or in unsecured coal mines, which might explain many of the mining disasters. You may also have noticed that reports of other mining accidents inevitable for years? Was I mistaken or you have
Note that the rescue teams to the movies always took the same feudal equipment from food in the same slot?

Private life is protected or private sphere there is no second. The suicide rate is high. The occupants should spy on their fellow prisoners and torture in insubordination. The conditions are so cruel that the People's Republic of China (PRC) even refused the customary international visits of UN inspectors. The normal people have no words to describe the states. It takes the power of the poet's words to do that. The winner of the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade Liao Yiwu has done so eloquently and worth reading.

With numbers have to be careful, to be even more than all the numbers to the LAOGAI (camp prisoners, length of illness and death) of the PRC held strictly confidential. Since its creation in 1949 should probably 50 people in the MILLIONS LAOGAI have been martyred. Just over half of them disappeared without a trace. Since 1994, the PRC tried to deceive the public by announcing the name change and legal changes. The conditions in the camp will not change.

On Chinese paper always looks all very legal. The storage system is very complex. There are two main types of labor camps, the LAOGAI ("reform through labor") and are Laojiao ("reeducation through labor"), called for the latter allegedly more youths. The transitions are fluid, depending on how the local leaders especially useful appears. Illegality and abuse of existing laws are not only the rule but a principle. Any other interpretation is a sham.

The PRC operates or condone or promote such exports against all fundamental international customs and traditions as well as against their promises and special agreements with the U.S., the EU and give a damn to the given word.
As far as the official labor. There is also a second, no less ugly: If the employee to the employer on the mercy and have to work to similar traumatic conditions, because there is no other work around. The German iPad buyers, and many others make to use, even though the German media have reported extensively on the brutal exploitation of labor as in the U.S. Congress before the CECC, the Congressional Executive Commission for China, were presented by trade unionists and NGOs .

No German can now more excuse ignorance, it's just his love of money, which allows him to ignore the exploitation of Chinese labor and human dignity.

Peter E. Müller Bredenbeck, December 5, 2012

The ISHR-Press Conference on 7 12th 2012 in Berlin