02/19/2013 - 14:56
A 13-month-old baby was crushed to death under a car containing family planning officials in Dongshantou Village near Wenshou City. Eleven officials were attempting to collect a fine from a couple who had allegedly violated China's One-Child Policy.
According to a China Daily report, the discussion became heated between the officials and the boy's parents. The officials persuaded the child's... more
02/18/2013 - 10:42
(February 5, 2013)  In 1987, when Taiwanese President Chiang hing-kuo finally lifted martial law after nearly forty years, Taiwan’s Government Information held its first Taipei International Book Exhibition. The exhibition, which in 1987 gathered 67 publishers from eleven countries, has grown immensely since, attracting 420 international publishers from 60 different countries in 2012.
The... more
01/24/2013 - 12:29
Communism in China brought mixed reactions for a young Harry Wu.
When he visited poorer regions of the country, Wu could see some benefits for the poor. But Wu's father was a banker, among the capitalist class who were being persecuted in Mao's China. He considered leaving — maybe going to the then-British controlled Hong Kong — but he decided to stay in China and study.
His family's past wealth... more
01/13/2013 - 00:34
俞陵控告吳弘達涉嫌欺诈及侵占的案件(包括勞改基金會/LRF,勞改人權組織/LHRO, 以及YAHOO人權基金)已於2011年4月6日被余陵撤訴了。此案于去年已完全結束。此案是在沒有任何文件,雙方均可自由表述或陳訴的情況下結束的。
今天,我已“考慮完全”了,我不準備控告俞陵,因為,第一,... more
12/31/2012 - 15:17
(德国之声中文网)德国《日报》(taz)刊登了对西藏精神领袖达赖喇嘛驻欧洲特使格桑坚赞(Kelsang Gyaltsen)的专访,其中藏人自焚事件是主要话题。他在访谈中指出,自从2008年以来,西藏就陷入了一个包围状态中。中国政府对藏人的强压政策导致自焚事件接连发生。记者问道,自焚对于藏传佛教教义来说意味着什么,格桑坚赞解释道:

"自杀在佛教中被视为罪孽。生命是人通过修行获得顿悟的唯一存在方式。在生死轮回的循环中,以人的身体获得重生的机会是很少见的,因此人的生命是独一无二的。……如果出于政治抗议的动机进行自焚的话,是作为对藏族人民生存斗争的一种支持,从伦理的角度看,这具有一定的集体意义--我们相信大多数自焚者都是抱着这样的信念。这是一种自我牺牲。这个世界是支持反抗暴政的基本权利的,比如南非的反对种族隔离运动,还有巴勒斯坦的民族解放运动。藏人也享有反对中国共产党政府的文化、... more
12/28/2012 - 10:52
What if Santa’s elves were actually Chinese prisoners?
In the pre-Christmas rush, when big box stores and e-commerce websites slash prices, few consumers want to think about where those presents under the tree actually come from.
Yet a recent article in The Oregonian has traced Santa’s global path back to its source—and it appears to be a Chinese prison, not the North Pole.

Labors work at a... more
12/28/2012 - 10:47
(Dec 27, 2012 7:30 PM ET) Over the last three decades, Communist China’s leaders have lifted more than 600 million of their citizens out of poverty -- and built one of the world’s most unequal societies.
Those two outcomes didn’t have to go hand in hand. They are the result of a conscious decision by the former paramount leader Deng Xiaoping and some of his closest associates -- the so-called... more
12/25/2012 - 10:16


聽說 ── 中共政府說他是關押在遼寧省的錦州監獄,實際上是否關押在那裡,我們不知道。例如1995年夏天中共政府將我秘密關押在武漢市,漢陽市的一個公安休養所內,根本不是在看守所或者監獄,是一個三面環湖的風景優美的休養所。只是到了美國總領事要來探訪我,才調動車輛將我送到武漢看守所去會見,然後再送回這個休養所。這種掩蓋的手法是常見的。
到現在為止海外還有一些“異議份子”對劉曉波獲得諾貝爾和平獎還是有很大的意見。其實“異議人士”怎麼會沒有“異議”呢?我對劉曉波也是有意見的,譬如我在網站上激烈批評過趙紫陽,劉曉波就來過E-Mail 批評我“做得過頭了”。我也看到過劉曉波在天安門廣場上同另三位異議人士的行為,以及劉曉波後來被捕以後寫過的一些文章,他自己也表示這很不好,有了悔改之意。... more
12/21/2012 - 12:32
Forced labor is a scourge on humanity. The People's Republic of China (PRC) has perfected it, and operates under the name LAOGAI the largest storage system in the history of mankind.
The LAOGAI system performs several functions. It is the main instrument of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to assert their power and suppressing any resistance. It also promotes the export prices extremely low... more
12/19/2012 - 16:26
BEIJING — It is hard to say exactly which “subversive” sentiments drew the police to Ren Jianyu, who posted them on his microblog last year, although “down with dictatorship” and “long live democracy” stand out.       
In the end, Mr. Ren, 25, a college graduate from Chongqing, the southwestern metropolis, was sent without trial to a work camp based on the T-shirt that investigators found in his... more